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Dale Parsons Bio

Rick Monday saves the flag

Jeff Bagwell of the Astros is a big Red Sox fan 2003 (4:11)

7-time All-star Craig Biggio Houston Astros Outfielder 2003 (5:49)

Cardinal shortstop David Eckstein is seldom recognized in public places as a professional baseball player. (2.4 MB 5:08)

Former Halo Jim Edmonds continues to enjoy playing the game in St. Louis. (1.7 MB 3:43)

Sometimes Minnesota Twins Outfielder Torii Hunter misses the contact and physicality of football. (2.9 MB 6:17)

Chipper Jones Atlanta Braves Outfielder (2.2 MB 4:50)

Former Dodger Brian Jordan was a 2-sport guy.(2.3 MB 4:56)

Dodgers' Tommy Lasorda offered some encouraging words after the 9/11 attacks (2.1 MB 4:39)

Yankee Shortstop Alex Rodriguez 2002 (2.5 MB 5:32)

Family and religion are very important to Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling. 2002 (2.5 MB 5:28)

Mike Sweeney Kansas City Royals First Baseman is a big fan of Dodger announcer Vin Scully 2003 (2.8 MB 6:09)

Billy Wagner Phillie Closer 2003 (6:52)

Former Houston star Billy Wagner went from 78 mph to 98 mph in college (:58)

Kerry Wood Chicago Cubs Pitcher 2002(2.3 MB 4:55)

What does A's pitcher Barry Zito like to do in the off-season?(2.6 MB 5:47)

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