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Welcome to the New York Yankees interview page. The following audio interviews and segments of interviews feature Mariano Rivera, Mark Teixeira, Curtis Granderson, CC Sabathia and others. Additional interviews will be added in the near future. Most recent and previously unposted interviews are first and are in bold print. Some former Yankee players are included. Thanks for visiting the New York Yankees interview page!

Curtis Granderson has been hitting the long ball more in recent years 2011 (5:44)

Veteran Left-hander Andy Pettite 2012 (6:17)

Mariano Rivera of the New York Yankees 2011 (7:18)

Alex Rodriguez on teammate Derek Jeter and winning a World Series 2011 (3:33)

Mark Teixeira is happy to be playing closer to his home in Maryland 2011 (6:23)

CC Sabathia of the New York Yankees 2012 (6:05)

Past Angel and current Yankee Vernon Wells (7:05)

Roger Clemens on his favorite pitchers as a youth 2003 (5:43)

Comedian Billy Crystal on the Yankees and Mickey Mantle 2003 (2:30)

Jason Giambi enjoyed the opportunity to play with his brother Jeremy in 2003 (2.3 MB 4:45)

Former Angel and Yankee great Reggie Jackson enjoyed his role in Naked Gun (:45)

Former Mariner and Yankee first baseman John Olerud went straight to the majors without minor league experience 2004(4:48)

New York's Nick Swisher cut off his long hair and donated it to chemotherapy patients 2008 (4:19)

Pitcher David Wells Part 1 2004 (4:56)

Pitcher David Wells Part 2 2004 (3:56)

Pitcher David Wells talks about his opportunity to be on the David Letterman show (:58)