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Welcome to the LA Dodger interview page. The following Dodger audio interviews and segments of baseball interviews feature many of the Dodger greats including Orel Hershiser, Steve Garvey, Maury Wills, and others along with many of the current players and stars like Matt Kemp, Andre Ethier, Casey Blake, etc. Most recently posted interviews are listed first. Thanks for visiting the Los Angeles Dodger interview page!

Outfielder Andre Ethier is a part of a star-studded lineup for the Dodgers 2013 (5:50)

4-time American League All-Star Carl Crawford is excited to join the Dodgers 2013 (5:03)

3rd Baseman Casey Blake likes to hunt ducks in the off-season 2009 (4:46)

6-5, 290 lb. closer Jonathan Broxton likes to hunt quail, duck...raccoon, etc. during the off-season 2009 (5:48)

Outfielder Andre Ethier has a food blog 2009 (4:54)

Shortstop Rafael Furcal 2009 (4:20)

Past Dodger 2nd Baseman Orlando Hudson 2009 (4:46)

Pitcher Clayton Kershaw 2009 (4:57)

1st Baseman James Loney 2009 (4:50)

Former LA Catcher Russell Martin 2009 (5:19)

Veteran Pitcher Jeff Weaver 2009 (4:53)

Lefty Randy Wolf bought a house from rocker "Slash" in the Hollywood Hills 2009 (5:49)

Outfielder Andre Ethier was a 2nd round pick out of Arizona State University 2008 (5:04)

Shortstop Rafael Furcal is happy to be reunited with former teammate Andruw Jones 2008 (4:11)

Former Dodger Andruw Jones started his major league career with a bang blasting 2 homeruns in one game during the 1996 World Series at just 19 years of age after starting the season at high-A Durham of the Carolina League 2008 (5:04)

Outfielder Matt Kemp of the Men in Blue 2008 (4:51)

Young southpaw Clayton Kershaw is another of a long line of Longhorn State fireballers 2008 (5:04)

Past Dodger catcher Russell Martin was a 2007 All-star and won a Gold Glove and Silver Slugger award 2008 (5:32)

Past Dodger Manny Ramirez sparked the Dodgers with his clubhouse presence and home run power as he joined them for a playoff run in 2008 (4:25)

Manny Ramirez' first jersey was a Dodger jersey when he was a kid and he has been thrilled by the reception of the Dodger fans 2008 (:44)

Jason Schmidt is anxious to get back out on the mound 2008 (4:56)

Award-winning announcer Charley Steiner is thrilled to work in the broadcast booth with legendary, Hall-of-Fame announcer Vin Scully 2008 (6:00)

Past Dodger manager Joe Torre talks about "Charley Brown's "Joe Torre look," Billy Crystal, Henry Aaron and Willie Mays 2008 (6:42)

Former LA Catcher Russell Martin 2007 (4:39)

ESPN/Giants announcer Jon Miller does a great impersonation of Hall-of-Fame announcer Vin Scully in English, Japanese and Spanish (3:02)

Past Dodger Pitcher Jason Schmidt 2007 (4:59)

Former Dodger Pitcher David Wells 2007 (6:20)

Past Dodger Great Willie Davis 2006 (5:05)

Dodger leadoff hitter Rafael Furcal 2006 (5:02)

Past Dodger Manager Grady Little 2006 (3:58)

Former Dodger hurler Derek Lowe on winning a World Championship with the Red Sox (:47)

Derek Lowe 2005 (5:18)

Rick Monday on Satchel Paige (:50)

Former LA outfielder Juan Pierre 2006 (4:40)

Brett Tomko pitched locally at El Dorado HS and Mt. Sac. 2006 (5:14)

Dodger great Fernando Valenzuela 2005 (5:29)

Fernando reminisces on his rookie year in 1981. 2005 (:56)

Fernando's Mexican-American following and other fan interaction 2005 (:44)

Former Dodger Great Steve Garvey 2003 (7:13)

Former Dodger Pitcher Orel Hershiser 2004 (8:55)

Hershiser comments on pitching at San Bernardino during his final season.(1:33)

Orel was known as "The Bulldog." (1:05)

Orel's memories of a young Mike Piazza when pitching rehab at Bakersfield in 1991.(:46)

Former Padre and current Giant Ryan Klesko reminisces about batting against Orel Hershiser at Dodger Stadium (:59)

Tommy Lasorda was edged out on the Brooklyn Dodger roster by Sandy Koufax. 2004 (2:48)

Kansas City Monarch great Buck O'Neil on Jackie Robinson's breaking of the color barrier and the Negro Leagues (4:34)

Past Dodger pitcher Brad Penny 2004 (3:38)

Legendary Dodger announcer Vin Scully's most memorable moments (:58)

More of Vin Scully on announcing and his enthusiasm for the Game (1:24)

Rick Monday talks about broadcasting with the great Vin Scully (1:12)

Past Dodger great Don Sutton pitched with both Drysdale and Koufax as a rookie (5:02)

Past Dodger great Fernando Valenzuela (4:39)

Santa Maria's Robin Ventura 2004 (3:54)

The great base stealer Maury Wills 2004 (4:50)

Maury Wills talks about Cool Papa Bell and Jackie Robinson. 2004 (:48)

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