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Welcome to with major league baseball audio interviews and segments of top players, managers, coaches and announcers, past and present. Inside Baseball is a radio and internet program hosted by Dale Parsons featuring major league interviews and airs Mondays and Thursdays at 7:00 p.m. PST when the Dodgers don't play and after the broadcasts when they do play on 1570 KPRO-AM in Riverside, CA during the baseball season from April through the 1st week in October. Each program includes several interviews along with a "Great Moments in Baseball History" segment and baseball trivia.

July 23, 2007 program featuring interviews of Ryan Howard, RandyWolf, Greg Dobbs and Harry Kalas (33:31)

On this site you will find links to select baseball interviews and web sites along with background information on the host. We would like to hear your comments on the interviews. Please send them to: 2007 interviews those posted for the first time are in bold and all interviews are in alphabetical and chronological order.

July's spotlighted interviews are as follows:

Cardinal Shortstop David Eckstein on winning another World Series, wife Ashley Drane and gators 2007 (6:27)

Veteran Star Luis Gonzalez joins the Dodgers 2007 (5:07)

Ken Griffey Jr. at Dodger Stadium earlier this year 2007 (9:49)

Angel Outfielder Gary Matthews Jr. 2007 (4:26)

ESPN/Giants announcer Jon Miller does a great impersonation of Hall-of-Fame announcer Vin Scully in English, Japanese and Spanish (3:02)

Dodger Pitcher Jason Schmidt 2007 (4:59)

Pitcher Jered Weaver of the Angels 2007 (5:08)

All-star 3rd baseman David Wright of the Mets is on the cover of the video game MLB '07: The Show and was also on the David Letterman show 2007 (5:44)

Enjoy the rest of the major league baseball interviews at Inside Baseball!

Yankee Bobby Abreu 2006 (5:04)

5-time All-star Catcher Sandy Alomar talks about brother Roberto 2005 (:58)

Angel Outfielder Garret Anderson 2004 (4:17)

Retired Astro Jeff Bagwell is a big Red Sox fan 2003 (4:11)

Cub Manager Dusty Baker on his Riverside. CA roots, Bobby Bonds and Henry Aaron 2006 (5:10)

2004 all-star Carlos Beltran 2004 (5:10)

Beltran attributes his belief in God and a spiritual side to his life for his baseball success (1:28)

Former Dodger and current Mariner Adrian Beltre 3rd Baseman 2004 (4:58)

Houston First Baseman Lance Berkman developed some of his power swinging at a tire in the backyard as a kid 2006 (4:57)

Lance shares some of his most memorable experiences as a major leaguer 2006 (:37)

One of the game's top young sluggers affable Lance Berkman of the Astros 2004 (5:21)

Berkman on players showboating when hitting homeruns(:18)

7-time All-star Craig Biggio Houston Astros Outfielder 2003 (5:49)

Giants Outfielder Barry Bonds comments on what sometimes goes through his mind during a hot streak. (1:08)

Long Beach Poly's Milton Bradley 2005 (4:33)

Bradley's free time and off-season activities 2005 (:58)

Outfielder Milton Bradley was from the same high school and neighborhood as Snoop Doggy Dogg and Cameron Diaz. 2004 (5:04)

Milton talks about when he first came up to the big leagues and about growing up as a Dodger fan. 2004 (1:11)

Philadelphia's Pat Burrell 2003 (4:54)

Burrell was a fan of the "Bash Brothers" as a kid (:26)

Former Yankee Roger Clemens on his favorite pitchers as a youth 2003 (2.6 MB 5:43)

Actor Kevin Costner remarks on his abilities as a pitcher (:47)

Costner comments on an experience involving former major league pitcher Mark Langston (:34)

Tampa's talented Carl Crawford 2005 (5:15)

Comedian Billy Crystal on the Yankees and Mickey Mantle (2:30)

Cardinal Shortstop David Eckstein on winning another World Series, wife Ashley Drane and gators 2007 (6:27)

All-Star shortstop David Eckstein got married last November to actress Ashley Drane of "Blue Collar TV" 2006 (6:23)

Cardinal shortstop David Eckstein 2004 (5:15)

Cardinal shortstop David Eckstein is seldom recognized in public places as a professional baseball player. (2.4 MB 5:08)

Former Halo Jim Edmonds continues to enjoy playing the game in St. Louis. (1.7 MB 3:43)

Houston Third Baseman Morgan Ensberg 2006 (4:09)

Darin Erstad of the Angels 2004 (4:47)

Erstad was on a NCAA Championship football team and a World Championship baseball team. 2004 (:44)

Giant Leftfielder Pedro Feliz 2005 (4:51)

Versatile Angel Infielder/Outfielder Chone Figgins 2005 (4:31)

Former Angel and Current Giant Outfielder Steve Finley 2005 (4:23)

Giant Centerfielder Steve Finley formerly of the D-Backs 2004 (5:08)

Mets Outfielder Cliff Floyd 2005 (5:59)

Cliff Floyd talks about best friend Mike Cameron and his collision with Carlos Beltran 2005 (:39)

Jason Giambi Yankees First Baseman enjoyed the opportunity to play with his brother Jeremy in Oakland 2003 (2.3 MB 4:45)

Padre Outfielder Brian Giles 2005 (4:57)

Toronto 3rd Baseman Troy Glaus 2006 (3:40)

Former D-Back and Current Blue Jay Third Baseman Troy Glaus 2005 (5:33)

Troy on meeting his idol Cal Ripken 2005 (:47)

Mom threw BP to Troy growing up 2005 (:28)

Mets Pitcher Tom Glavine 2005 (6:22)

Veteran Star Luis Gonzalez joins the Dodgers 2007 (5:07)

D-Back great Luis Gonzalez 2005 (5:14)

Steve Finley comments on Luis Gonzalez blooper that won the 2001 Series (:29)

D-Back Shawn Green returns to LA 2005 (:34)

Former Dodger Shawn Green seems very happy as a D-Back 2005 (5:03)

Ken Griffey Jr. at Dodger Stadium earlier this year 2007 (9:49)

Mariner closer Eddie Guardado on pitching in his hometown someday 2004(:50)

1998 archive interview of past Padre great Tony Gwynn on his career, Ted Williams and hitting .400 (5:48)

British Columbia's Rich Harden of the Oakland A's 2007 (5:28)

A's Pitcher Rich Harden 2005 (5:02)

Rockies 1st Baseman Todd Helton 2006 (6:15)

Colorado All-Star Todd Helton has been swinging the bat since he was five. 2004 (7:52)

Future Hall-of-Famer Rickey Henderson 2003 (5:02)

Anaheim Native and Savannah High alum Trevor Hoffman 2006 (4:48)

Padre Closer Trevor Hoffman 2005 (5:53)

Rockies All-Star Outfielder Matt Holliday is from the same hometown as country legend Garth Brooks, Stillwater, Oklahoma 2006 (5:33)

Hoffman was a 5'6" senior at Anaheim's Savannah High School (:35)

Padre closer Trevor Hoffman 2004 (4:47)

Young Slugger Ryan Howard of the Phillies 2006 (4:51)

Cub reliever Bobby Howry was a San Jose Giant teammate of Shawn Estes and Red Sox reliever Keith Foulke 2006 (4:07)

Braves pitcher Tim Hudson 2006 (4:58)

Twins Outfielder Torii Hunter 2005 (5:57)

Torii grew up in a very modest household 2005 (1:11)

Torii Hunter hit a legendary, tape measure home run in high school 2005 (:35)

Twins Outfielder Torii Hunter on throwing the ball back at the pitcher after being hit(:46)

Sometimes Minnesota Twins Outfielder Torii Hunter misses the contact and physicality of football. (2.9 MB 6:17)

Former Angel and Yankee great Reggie Jackson enjoyed his role in Naked Gun (:45)

Brave 3rd Baseman Chipper Jones 2006 (5:31)

Chipper Jones Atlanta Braves Outfielder (2.2 MB 4:50)

Braves outfielder Brian Jordan 2006 (4:36)

Atlanta's Brian Jordan was also an NFL star for the Falcons 2005 (4:27)

Brian's book encourages youth to pursue their dreams like he did 2005 (:16)

Former Dodger Brian Jordan was a 2-sport guy.(2.3 MB 4:56)

Angel 2nd Baseman Howie Kendrick 2007 (4:28)

Anaheim 2nd Baseman Adam Kennedy 2004 (3:14)

Former slugger and current announcer Ralph Kiner comments on some of the great homerun hitters of the past (:42)

Padre Ryan Klesko reminisces about batting against Orel Hershiser at Dodger Stadium (:59)

Cincinnati Red Shortstop Barry Larkin on Yankee Shortstop Derek Jeter (1:07)

Dodgers' Tommy Lasorda offered some encouraging words after the 9/11 attacks (2.1 MB 4:39)

Cub slugger and past Rancho Cucamonga Quake Derrek Lee 2006 (4:47)

Cub first basemen Derrek Lee 2005 (2:23)

Met Catcher Paul LoDuca 2006 (4:13)

Paul LoDuca Former Los Angeles Dodgers Catcher 2003 (2.3 MB 4:49)

Preview Paul LoDuca interview commenting on his portrayal as a bobblehead doll (:46)

Angel Outfielder Gary Matthews Jr. 2007 (4:26)

ESPN/Giants announcer Jon Miller does a great impersonation of Hall-of-Fame announcer Vin Scully in English, Japanese and Spanish (3:02)

Giants/ESPN announcer Jon Miller contrasts Felipe Alou and Dusty Baker 2005 (2:19)

Miller on Jeff Kent and Barry Bonds 2005 (2:56)

What would Giants/ESPN Announcer Jon Miller's occupation be if he wasn't a baseball announcer? (:48)

Former Angel and current Giant catcher Bengie Molina 2007 (5:07)

Former Mariner first baseman and current Yankee John Olerud went straight to the majors without minor league experience 2004(4:48)

Past Negro League star Buck O'Neil on Jackie Robinson and some of the Negro League greats (4:34)

Oriole first baseman Rafael Palmeiro 2004 (4:20)

Padre All-Star pitcher Jake Peavy 2006 (4:47)

Tiger Closer Troy Percival 2004 (4:07)

Astro Pitcher Andy Pettitte 2005 (5:07)

Padre Mike Piazza on Tommy Lasorda, Orel Hershiser and his career 2006 (5:28)

Was Mike Piazza drafted by Tommy Lasorda as a favor to father Vince? 2006 (:39)

Top Base Stealer Juan Pierre of the Cubs 2006 (4:40)

Former USC star and current Cub pitcher Mark Prior (4:49)

Albert Pujols of the St. Louis Cardinals is extremely devoted to God 2006 (6:32)

Yankee Shortstop Alex Rodriguez 2002 (2.5 MB 5:32)

2001-2002 All-Star Shortstop Jimmy Rollins of the Phillies 2004 (5:21)

Jimmy talks about meeting his idol Rickey Henderson. (1:49)

All-star Closer B.J. Ryan of the Toronto Blue Jays 2006 (4:32)

Family and religion are very important to Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling. 2002 (2.5 MB 5:28)

Dodger Pitcher Jason Schmidt 2007 (4:59)

Giant Ace Jason Schmidt is enjoying being a father 2006 (4:53)

Former Angel Scott Spezio is wearing his dad's old number for the St. Louis Cardinals 2006 (4:24)

1st Baseman J.T. Snow's Dad was Ram great Jack Snow 2005 (1:13)

J.T. was college teammates of Trevor Hoffman and Scott Erickson 2005 (1:17)

Mike Sweeney Kansas City Royals First Baseman is a big fan of Dodger announcer Vin Scully 2003 (2.8 MB 6:09)

Texas Slugger Mark Teixiera 2005 (4:09)

Texas Ranger slugger Mark Teixiera 2004 (4:17)

Former Phillie slugger Jim Thome 2003 (5:05)

Shortstop Omar Vizquel of the Giants 2005 (4:47)

Top Closer Billy Wagner of the Mets 2007 (5:17)

Billy Wagner Phillie Closer 2003 (6:52)

Former Houston star Billy Wagner went from 78 mph to 98 mph in college (:58)

Cardinal Outfielder Larry Walker has brothers Carey, Gary, Barry and parents Larry and Mary. 2004 (5:17)

Pitcher Jered Weaver of the Angels 2007 (5:08)

Red Sox Pitcher David Wells Part 1 2004 (4:56)

Red Sox Pitcher David Wells Part 2 2004 (3:56)

Red Sox Pitcher David Wells talks about his opportunity to be on the David Letterman show (:58)

Florida Marlin lefthander Dontrelle Willis 2005 (5:36)

Kerry Wood Chicago Cubs Pitcher 2002(2.3 MB 4:55)

All-star 3rd baseman David Wright of the Mets is on the cover of the video game MLB '07: The Show and was also on the David Letterman show 2007 (5:44)

Mets 3rd Baseman David Wright 2005 (3:58)

2004 All-star Shortstop Michael Young about the Rangers infield 2005 (:23)

Young on pitching coach Orel Hershiser 2005 (:34)

A's Pitcher Barry Zito 2005 (5:11)

Barry Zito had a goal to be a major league pitcher and make a million since he was 7 years old 2005 (:23)

Zito's sister Sally has bid up the value of some of his baseball cards on ebay 2005 (:30)

A's Pitcher Barry Zito 2004 (4:52)

Zito on his music and acting opportunities (1:08)

What does A's pitcher Barry Zito like to do in the off-season?(2.6 MB 5:47)

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